[ExI] Maximum Jailbreak, and the legacy of Stephen

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> > If we created an L5 station, it might support about, say 70 proles
> > with a
> mass of perhaps (what would you guess Keith?) ten million kg?
> You are not thinking in the right order of magnitude.  The
> historical/prehistorical lower limit for a group to exist long term is
> between 700 and 5000.
> Keith
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> That lower limit had a different set of assumptions of course.  We would
> have at our disposal much more intensive genetic screening and embryo
> selection.  Under those circumstances, I can imagine very little in the
> reproductive department would be left to chance.

Irrelevant.  70 people groups tend to break up before they breed even
one generation.  The reason has little to nothing to do with
reproduction or genetics.

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