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On Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 5:30 AM Rafal Smigrodzki <rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com>

>>Anti-environmentalism generally.

> ### So it's anti-scientific to be a humanist, someone who sees value in
> humans, and not in the "environment"?

All right wingers are clowns on environmental issues and most left wingers
are too but there are a few serious people, Stewart Brand comes to mind.

 >> Exaggerated claims about fetal development.

> ### The faithful believe fetuses have souls,

Forget fetuses, the faithful believe one celled zygotes have soles and the
morning after pill is murder, paradoxically they also believe souls are
immortal and and most believe that a soul that has left this life before
sinning goes to heaven, although some believe if unbaptised it will be
tortured for eternity by an all loving God.
I went to a religious grade school and was told it was wrong to kill a
person but OK to kill an animal because the person has an immortal soul but
the animal didn't;  I remember asking why that didn't mean it was more
immoral to kill a amamal than a person because unlike the person this life
was all the animal had but was hooted down with derision by the class
before I got an answer to my question.

> Rejection of epidemiology as it pertains to sex, pregnancy, and sexually
>> transmitted disease

> ### Right wingers claim that homosexuality and promiscuity do not
> contribute to the risk of STDs, don't they?

 “*legitimate rape rarely causes pregnancy because the female body has ways
of shutting that down*."
Republican Senator Todd Akin  August 19 2012

>>Supply-side economics, if you count economics as a science.

>### Because central planning and the 5 year plan are scientific?

Right wingers ignore the scientific method and the OVERWHELMING evidence
that other countries provide much better health care to their citizens than
the USA and spend much much less money than the USA when doing so, and
continue to believe and, being totally impervious to contrary evidence,
will always believe the USA has the best health care system in the world
and we can learn absolutely nothing from anybody else about this.

In short both sides do the same unscientific thing, they use political
ideology to determine what must be true and how to solve social problems
and only then go looking for evidence that supports their view while
carefully ignoring any evidence that contradicts it.

John K Clark
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