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>…If you can't start a fire with a torch on soft wood, what does it take?


That will start a fire if you hold the torch on there long enough.  You need to get the wood really really hot.




>…BTW - 38" length?  Koreans?  27" waist?  Nah.  You must have been kidding.  That would make them about 6' 9" on average.   bill w


bill w



These were for use by American soldiers fighting in the Korean war.  They were made in four sizes: small, medium, large and small long.  


On a whim, I decided to order the small long.  Sure enough, measured it, waist 27-31 adjustable (and I am right in the middle of that range) with length 38” and the cool part is… they already had a factory hem, which was very well done and I was able to keep by shrinking them to size (34”).







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