[ExI] How Corporate Media distorts Hawaiian Protests

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You said something very interesting a few emaiils upthread. You referred to
reason and anti-reason as the sides in this conflict, and expressed
confusion at what you see as members if this list defecting from what you
understood as our common chosen side: reason.

This distorted and misleading lens through which you view history, as a
grand apocalyptic conflict between reason and anti-reason, gathering
momentum as it echoes down the decades and centuries, culminating in the
eventual triumph of reason over all else, that lens is confusing you.

What is happening in Hawaii is a battle over power. Reason has almost
nothing to do with it. But it is inevitable that when the a power faction
attempts, even sincerely, to recruit reason as a soldier in a power
struggle, their opponents will ignore or attack it, as they would any other
opposing soldier.

I don't know how to fix that, but I do know that for every political action
there is a political reaction, and that if you attempt to inject virtues
into your political fights, your opponents will feel forced to embrace

This may yet be the epitaph of this country.

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> > I think you are seriously in the dark about this group.  All of us
>> value science and if I am not mistaken no one supports the protesters.
> Are we reading the same list?
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