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I, myself, find myself somewhere “stuck in the middle”. Not trans enough for surgery to do any good, not cis enough to be comfortable. What is there to do for it? 


>…Be what you are.  If neither a female nor a male body plan would suit you, then use what you've got (it's cheaper than and as effective as switching, plus you're already familiar with it) and try not to worry about gender-specific elements (save for any medical issues specific to whatever you've got).  Agender, asexual, and aromantic people exist…



We have made good progress just having a name for it.  Consider the scenario: Leisure Suit Larry is schmoozing someone at the office and can’t seem to get that he doesn’t do it for her.  


She says: Save it Leisure.  I am asexual.  

He: You are a sexual what?  

She: Asexual, one word.  Google on it, come back and talk after you educate yourself.


She could even do this with a pleasant demeanor and nice smile, to maintain cordial relations at the office.  If Leisure starts schmoozing her again, she tells him he apparently went to a faulty source, try again.


Having a name for something helps a hundred ways.  Back in the old days before Aspergers, the socially awkward were mixed with those of us who like computers and math.  Now those two things can be differentiated because of the name.  Nerd and geek became titles to be earned.  We can get those and we automatically get the socially awkward component free.  It’s great.  I love modern times.





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