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>…To take the example of that apartment, no dishwasher - just the sink - and a single professional female adult moved in quite readily, not stretching disbelief in the slightest.  Likewise, very few electric kitchen gadgets: we see her using a microwave oven, and that's it.  She does not demonstrate advanced cooking skills; if she wants a cake, she would buy one, not make it…



Exactly what I was thinking: so much can be outsourced, including food, nearly all food.  A small refrigerator, a toaster for the pop-tarts, microwave for nearly everything else.  That doesn’t take much space.  


Lawn maintenance can all be outsourced, and should be.  


Laundry can be outsourced or certainly minimized.  


Car maintenance, out.  Remember all the tools and stuff we used to need to keep our cars running, never mind the real junkyard dogs many of us drove in our misspent youth: even new cars needed attention and tweaking.  Now they don’t.  


Do you need a TV?  I don’t: the computer gets you exactly what you want and need with actual control.  


Do you need a stereo system?  Those little Bluetooth speakers are remarkably competent and compact.  


Do you need a printer?  Why?  Filing cabinet?  Why?  Scan your documents on your flatbed and keep them forever where you can find them.


Do you need a bookshelf?  Indeed?  Out.


Do you need to entertain and have big parties at your house?  Can’t you do your social life online like regular people do now, and we socially awkward types have already done for as long as it became practical.  Then once in a while if you really need to have a party, you can do it at some public venue, such as Berkeley or preferably somewhere less scary than that.


Garages: lotta space under a roof, ja?  On the west side of the Bay, area under a roof is worth four digits per square foot.  Park it in the street, make an apartment out of all that half a million bucks worth of climate-controlled floor.


Keep in mind: plenty of moderns get some really exciting jobs.  Especially the singles spend more time at the office than at home, which explains why offices keep getting nicer and nicer, but homes don’t.


We have developed plenty of technologies which can keep us comfortable in a lot less floor area than we used to need.



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