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> There are no asexual people. Period.

There are enough people who demonstrate zero sex drive to be used as
primary evidence that asexual people exit.

> A full 25% of married women has NEVER had an orgasm.  Men - go hide your
> heads, or conversely, get them out of the sand.  Asexual or lousy mate?

Lousy mate.  Infamously, many men do not know that they should engage a
woman's clitoris during sex, and otherwise do not  do the things that would
cause orgasm.  It is entirely possible for a standard penis-to-vagina
interaction to avoid stimulating the woman's pleasure spots, especially if
done inexpertly.

> But zero sex drive?  No ability to get erections and arousal?  No orgasms
> by any means (some take a vibrator and lots of time)?  Nah.  Don't believe
> it.

1) Some people can not achieve orgasm due to medical conditions, though
that is not what "asexual" typically refers to.
2) Zero sex drive != no ability to orgasm.  It is possible (immoral and
criminal, but physically possible) to rape an asexual individual and drive
them (male or female) to orgasm.  Said individual merely has no desire to
engage in the activities leading to orgasm of their own free will.
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