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> I don’t know why we need to bring slurs into this, but, from an
> evolutionary perspective, being trans (and getting surgery for it,
> rendering oneself unable to reproduce) would cause it to be self-limiting
> and therefore not something to worry about in the long term.
> It’s simply a fact of life.
> I, myself, find myself somewhere “stuck in the middle”. Not trans enough
> for surgery to do any good, not cis enough to be comfortable. What is there
> to do for it?

### As I said, it's not morally wrong to be trans, it's just a disability,
and yes, it is evolutionarily self-limiting.

At some point in the future, it will be possible to perform psychosurgery
or even auto-psychosurgery to change the human mind. Some people who are
uncomfortable with parts of their selves will opt to make themselves closer
to the average, some may choose to explore other configurations. More power
to them. While I am quite comfortable with who I am now, I will also most
likely decide to change myself to better survive in the computational
substrate after uploading. This may involve adaptation to asexual
reproduction (copying), or adaptation to merging with other minds
(syncytium formation). I'm genuinely curious how it will all turn out.

In the present however, I am displeased about the instances where an
activist trans-sexual ideology results in harm to children. There have been
cases where deranged parents, often single parents, collaborated with
unethical physicians and psychiatrists to mutilate children, often boys,
first by pressuring or manipulating them to express a desire for sex
change, and then proceeding to perform irreversible surgeries, including
castration. This is evil. While I am sure most trans-sexuals are just as
appalled by it as I am, there is among them a vociferous and influential
activist minority which should be resisted.

But back to syncytia: Slime molds live happily as individuals but under
stress they bunch up and work and breed as one organism, sometimes in the
form of a syncytium. In the computational substrate we might undergo
similar transitions, especially while preparing for interplanetary or
interstellar propagation. Busy individuals would beaver away, collecting
resources on their own but from time to time they would pile onto each
other in the thousands or millions, pool their moolah, and load specially
curated copies (analogous to propagules) onto laser-driven waferships for
galaxy-wide dissemination.

The future belongs to those who show up.
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