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> What irks me about science is the renaming of concepts where we have
> perfectly good names that have lasted, in some cases, hundreds of years.

My pet peeve is the move to change the term for a smart computer from AI to
AGI. Everybody knows what AI means but if somebody uses a unfamiliar term
like AGI you may think they're talking about Adjusted Gross Income and
become hopelessly confused and wonder what the hell that has to do with the
future of computing. And your confusion makes them feel smarter. Whenever a
technical term becomes well known there is always a tendency to dream up a
more pompous one, just look at all the Latin slang lawyers love to use. If
Steven Spielberg had made a movie called AGI I think there would now be a
movement to change AGI to AI because then too many people would know what
AGI meant.

John K Clark

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