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First of all, the colonization efforts in Hawaii are much more recent. Recall, the US only annexed in 1898, so about 120 years ago. A few years before that, in 1893, Westerners overthrew the government there and setup their own regime. (The Western rulers then called for annexation.) Before that they had forced a constitution on the Hawaiian kingdom. (I’m not trying to say that the Hawaiian monarchy was sacrosanct or the best possible system at the time, though the Westerners who forced the constitution on the Hawaiians certainly don’t seem like they were doing more than entrenching and extending their own power.) So, this colonialism is of rather recent vintage.

After annexation, the Westerners remained in power and pretty much ran the territory (Hawaii didn’t become a US state until 1959) for their benefit. So that’s continuing colonialism until statehood. That brings us well with the lifetime of many folks now. So this isn’t really the ancient or at least distant history you make it out to be.

Also, you might consider continuing structural discrimination in Hawaii, which might be partly dismantled now, but isn’t completely gone. And the issue here seems to be more that Hawaiians are still being treated as if they were second class people.


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>> > The solution, of course, is to acquire ownership of or access to desirable mountaintop real estate through means other than violently overthrowing the local government and putting the entire population to work on banana plantations. [...] If we can learn one lesson from the last couple of hundred years, it's [...]
> I'll tell you exactly what can be learned, if you go back a couple of hundred years you may find reasons why the current behavior of certain people is stupid barbaric and parochial, however that doesn't make such behavior one bit less stupid barbaric and parochial. But some things haven't been learned, neither I or you or even the protestors understands how learning less about the universe will make up for injustices that were committed centuries ago.
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