[ExI] The Thirty Meter Telescope is now officially dead

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Thu Dec 26 23:05:32 UTC 2019

On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 4:24 PM William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat <
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*> Everybody wants their own toys.  They don't want to have to borrow
> something from the French department, even though the French dept. can
> easily share the thing.   So - how do we know that the cancelled
> observatory is really needed?  Why can't they buy some time on another's
> scope?  I can hardly imagine that this is holding up the march of science.*

Bill we're not talking about toys or school supplies, we're talking about
half the universe, and a telescope that could see things 9 times dimmer
that anything we can see now. There isn't a comparable next generation
telescope planned for the Northern Hemisphere that's even on the drawing
boards, nor is there likely to be any now that the only place such a huge
telescope can be used to full advantage is off limits due to a army of
marching morons.

 John K Clark
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