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I have been invited to give Ted talk, and I might take them up on it….Help me Exi-wan Kenobi!  spike


Bill W wrote:


>…If by 'diversified curriculum' you mean one that addresses the aptitude level of each student and fits them (notice use of plural to avoid he or she - becoming popular) …


Make ya crazy, doesn’t it?  Does me: English has given up proper plurality in exchange for a ready-made genderless pronoun.  It is absurd that English never developed a universal genderless singular pronoun, so we are stuck with the awkward “he or she” and “his or her” oh mercy, so we borrowed a genderless term but… that one has traditionally been specifically plural.  Now the terms “they” and “their” are being treated as ambiguous gender ambiguous plurality.  In my limited mind, these terms are specifically plurals.  Daaaaaaaaam!  It’s just ugly!  We need a better universal genderless singular!  Suggest e for “he or she” and h for “his or her.”


OK end rant, sheesh.  For now.


>…Aptitude and achievement tests for all…


Cool ja.


>…Include a lot of research on results of various special programs put in experimentally…


Cool ja.



>…  But what a great honor!


It is, ja.


>…Just who do you know?  bill w


My own son.  He scored not just off the charts but waaaaaaay the hell off the charts, particularly in math.  He took a standardized test last year in math and scored way up at the high end of the 99th percentile, if compared to 11th graders, but he was in 6th grade at the time.  Then he did it twice more since then.  The school people want to know how he did that, and how I did that.  So… I am going to tell them.  Why not?





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