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> > *What term could we use for the opposite of a black swan event?*

I don't know, white crow event maybe? Nanotechnology and Cold Fusion aren't
the only things that could produce one. If, contrary to most mathematicians
expectations, it turned out that P=NP and somebody found an algorithm that
could solve nondeterministic polynomial time problems in polynomial time
that would create a singularity in human affairs. less radical but still
probably large enough to produce a singularity would be if someone
found a practical
a way to make a Quantum Computer of several hundred or a thousand Qubits
 (high quality qubits not the sort the D-wave makes use of). Quantum
Computer expert Scot Aaronson says the conservative view is that such a
machine is possible, those who say such a machine is not possible are
radicals because they need to invoke new undiscovered laws physics to make
their case.

 John K Clark
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