[ExI] Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back

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  Since the discussion already went toward political considerations,
> imagine the nightmare the US could face in the 2020 elections if there is
> some widespread influential video hoax uncorked right before the election
> and caught afterwards.  The risk of that scenario increases steadily.
### I'm reading Neal Stephenson's newest book, Fall. The jury is still out,
so far not too bad despite some deplorables-type demagoguery. What makes it
relevant to the present discussion is an exploration of a possible
post-truth phase of the internet, and our society in general, engendered by
advanced addictive algorithmically generated deceptive content acting on
millions of people of various levels of intelligence. Stephenson envisions
a nightmare where our society at first splinters along cognitive lines,
modified by individual tendencies towards paranoia and other forms of
psychopathology, which then spatially splinters America into the smart
Democratic voters who concentrate in cities and the dumb filth that fill
the rest. A bit similar to what Karl Schroeder wrote in "Lady of Mazes".

An interesting book, I may discuss it more once I am done reading it.
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