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On 10 August 2017 at 16:34, spike  wrote:

I don’t know what the heck this is, but just as I was leaving for vacation BillK or someone posted a link to a species identification software site.  I had insufficient bandwidth to download that at the time.  If some kind soul knows that link, I am ready to play with it now.  I might be able to find it again.


After quick and intense search on Wikipedia, I came to a decision that it's very likely a campaea margaritata.





And, as you might have noticed, the range described there does not explicitly include Washington.


*I'm constantly on a journey of emptying useless(?) folders; this e-mail has been in the drafts folder for more than a year, so I'm sorry about this.







No worries, this was a fun reminder of a pleasant summer vacation from a coupla years ago.  The critter in question was in fact a Campaea Margaritata.  


I vacation at Mount Rainier every summer.  I take the time there to really observe the wildlife, so I am more familiar with the buggage at Mount Rainier than anywhere else except my own home area.  This allows me to recognize an unusual critter when I observe one.  That summer of 2017 was the only time before or since that I have seen a C. Margaritata at Mount Rainier.



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