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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Sat May 4 22:46:28 UTC 2019

I'll toss in a bit of science here for those who are trying to lose weight:

If you eat at certain times, your body will adapt and start the digestion
process even before you start eating.  This is a form of classical
conditioning known as temporal conditioning.  (The time is the CS and the
body's responses are the CRs.  You experience this as hunger.  It's hard
not to eat when you are hungry.

So - eliminate the hunger.  Do not eat big meals - graze.  This is a
popular diet.  Or, eat at different times every day - if possible.  These
will cause the body to adapt such that there are no times when you feel
really hungry - your Pavlovian reflexes are been extinguished.  Want to
stop snacking?  If every afternoon at 2 you have a couple of cookies, you
have doomed yourself to get hungry at that time, and only cold turkey will
result in not getting hungry at that time.  So you have to bite the bullet
- and nothing else - if you want to stop your body's temporal

I think this will work perfectly with fasting.  During the fast you will
feel the effects of the temporal conditioning and may have a hard time not
eating then.  So get rid of the temporal conditioning.  Perhaps before you
start a fasting diet.

bill w
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