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> from:  bill w   I have never seen such attention to detail in making the
> control group equal in every possible way:
> https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2019/05/16/723693839/its-not-just-salt-sugar-fat-study-finds-ultra-processed-foods-drive-weight-gain
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### There is a hypothesis that the absence of diverse nutrients in diet
drives hunger even when caloric needs are met (the empty calories
hypothesis). Processed food is also high caloric density, contains
palatants, often has high glycemic index. All of these issues may combine
to make processed food a bad choice. The quoted study is very valuable
because of the crossover design, with controlled diets rather than diet
questionnaires and with metabolic surveillance. It sound like a very
convincing case against processed food.

I am pleased to note that my daily salad is very unprocessed in its
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