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> >> So now for the notion of freedom of the press to apply, apparently it
>> requires a printing press, which Assange never used.  Only the internet.
>>  spike
> *> Has that been adjudicated?  Or do you think that case will decide
> that?  After all, if burning a flag can be looked upon as free speech,
> surely internet stuff is the press. *

*The burning flag decision was made before a fascist president appointed 2
strict constructionists judges to the Supreme Court who think the important
thing is the original intent of the people who wrote it, and it must be
admitted that 250 years ago the original framers of the constitution knew
surprisingly little about packet switching and TCP/IP stacks. So when they
said you have freedom of "the press" they meant you had the freedom to
*press* lead type soaked in ink against dried wood pulp, and that is all
they meant.*

> *> We need to re-write our Constitution, esp. about privacy.  bill w*

*That won't help. The Constitution is just paper and has no superpowers,
regardless of what it says it's only as good as the people around it. And
it will always need to be interpreted when specific cases come up. Godel
has proven you're never going to have a set of laws that are completely
free of logical contradictions and will also cover every possible dispute
that can come up in real life. So we're never going to get perfect justice
all the time, but it's not too much to expect pretty good justice most of
the time. But ever since 2016 I've feared we will get far far less than
that because the Constitution means whatever the Supreme Court says it
means even if the interpreters of it were picked by a semi-illiterate

* John K Clark*
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