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    You took the words out of my mouth!  Unfortunately the ExI list, for
    all its positives, is not really a good spiritual resonance
    chamber.  I've got the idea that a lot of people here may be stuck
    at the skeptic/atheist phase, instead of pushing on to ask more
    deeply about the nature of reality and consciousness.

Speaking for myself, at least, I'd say that saying someone is 'stuck at 
the skeptic/atheist phase', while talking about the nature of reality 
(the wording "reality AND consciousness" is revealing, in my opinion, by 
the way) is rather like saying 'stuck at the wordprocessor stage' when 
talking about writing. Perhaps there will be better ways of writing 
things in the future, but going back to quill pens and parchment isn't 
one of them.

Although that's not a very good analogy. At least we have a clear idea 
of what quill pens and parchment are, that just about everyone will 
agree on. Could even as few as ten different people give a consistent 
and clear definition of 'spirituality', in terms that don't fall into 
wooly ambiguity and superstition, and agree with each other?

What's next? Are we going to hear the claim that ExI members are 'stuck' 
using the best mental tool we have discovered so far for investigating 
the nature of reality? The only one that has been demonstrated 
unequivocally to actually work? (I'm sure I don't have to name it to you 

Of course the ExI list is not a good spiritual resonance chamber. 
Neither is it a good place for swapping tips on sympathetic magic, or 
discussing the finer details of crystal healing (although it can become 
a bit of a sounding-board for american politics, sometimes!).

Ben Zaiboc

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