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> 'vastly superior'   - research studies, please.   I will never be
> convinced that for some topics, some students, a live person is not
> essential.

"Virtual" doesn't mean prerecorded or AI-taught. Real human teachers can be
available as needed.

I answer thousands of questions on Quora and if the person who wrote the
> question could be questioned there are many times I would do so, as the
> question doesn't make sense, is vague, etc.  If we could talk we could
> straighten it out.  I cannot imagine what an AI would do with these
> questions.  Crash, I think.

Quora should have a way for questioners and answerers to interact.

> I will refer again to the TV-taught psych 101 course I monitored.  The
> students hated it.  OK, so the teacher was boring and a better personality
> would have had better ratings, I suppose.

We can do much better than televising poor instructors.

For psych 101 and some others, most of the A students and some of the B
> students just don't need to come to class if all you want from them is good
> test scores.  Is that all we want from students?  What about developing the
> ability to interact with a superior?  How to ask questions is far more
> important than a bunch of rote-memorized answers.  What about collaborative
> learning?  Putting people in groups to solve problems and learn to interact
> with peers?  (could add, perhaps, pages of stuff to this)

All of that can be done remotely, too.

Virtual learning has a big place, but it's not the only one for sure.

Of course.

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