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> This suggests the next question.  As we temporarily suspend our
> civilization, of course the economy takes a lightning-bolt hit, even as we
> discover far more efficient new ways to take care of our necessities.
> How much of our economy is completely dependent on inefficiencies?

Too much. If we don't start correcting that gradually then we're in for
collapse...if it's even avoidable.

I am already seeing the answer to that in our education system: most of it.


Do let us focus on education as a sub-economy.  We can already see that
> most of the time spent in physical school is mostly a waste, if we consider
> education as the primary desired end-state.  Is it?

I think indoctrination is a good part of it.

> I am doing a project for our local superintendent: collecting parent-eye
> view feedback on virtual learning.  The one overwhelming message coming
> thru loud and clear: the academically rich are getting dramatically richer,
> the academically otherwise are getting little or nothing.
> Sal Kahn started his online Academy as a humanitarian effort to close the
> global academic achievement gap.  The gap he hoped to narrow and bridge
> with the virtual classroom opens to a yawning chasm.

I think we can narrow the opportunity gap, but the achievement gap will
vary with the abilities and motivation of our children.

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