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On 31/03/2020 17:26, John K Clark wrote:
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>     /> The solution is simply to write about uploads that are not more
>     intelligent than you are. Which is what Greg Egan did/
> That's a good solution if you want to write a story that bipedal 
> hominids could read with understanding and enjoyment, in fact it's the 
> only possible solution a fiction writer has, but it's not realistic. 
> It's called a singularity for a reason, beyond a certain point human 
> imagination and intelligence just isn't good enough to figure out how 
> things would really be.

Agreed. Not realistic. But that doesn't mean not worth doing. The 
bioluddites don't know what will happen after a singularity any more 
than anyone else does, but that doesn't stop them from making their 
panic-mongering doom-laden predictions. It shouldn't stop us from making 
optimistic projections. Or good, entertaining and positive stories. 
Nobody needs to figure out how things will really be, they need to try 
and steer things in the direction they want them to go.

Ben Zaiboc

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