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never mind the damn TP.  Our grandparents did without it.  spike


There is a book I read long ago, Life On Man, which I call bacteriology and the history of shit.  In it I learned what 'getting the short end of the stick means'. The Royal person stopped at a bush, did his number, used a stick (no, not just any stick, a royal stick), then handed it to his lackey

bill w 

Well there ya go.  Do you still have the book?  Are you likely to read it again?  If not, that will do you for as many as there are pages.

I had an idea: super-compressed TP in a pill form.  You eat a meal, wait a coupla hours, swallow one or two of those with plenty of water, outer coating dissolves, TP expands, then when the remains of the meal is ready to go out to sea, the expanded wad of TP has caught up to it, done, no problem.  The whole notion gives a whole new and literally literal meaning to the term buttload.






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