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> The second amendment preserves itself (and the other rights.) Note that war has been fought on American soil twice, and the good guys won both times.


>…I don't think the tens of millions of Americans with no jobs and no money and no way to pay for a ventilator as they watch their wife gasping for breath are the good guys or the bad guys, I think they are the desperate guys, desperate guys with plenty of guns. But I have a somewhat more concrete idea of where to place certain frequenters to Mar-A-Lago along the moral spectrum.  John K Clark



Using a gun to rob a hospital of a ventilator: hmmm, I don’t think that is a high-risk scenario.  At some point however, the popularity of the political blame game might decline. 


I do hope some here will take the ten minutes to view this video.  Of all the notions I have seen, this one appears to be the most credible: 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpQFCcSI0pU <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpQFCcSI0pU&feature=youtu.be> &feature=youtu.be


It suggests that China is the bad guy, but if you can get past that, he raises some very interesting questions.



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