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 > *At some point however, the popularity of the political blame game might
> decline.*

Would you still be saying that if Obama were still president and had
performed in the same way, or Hillary?

*> I do hope some here will take the ten minutes to view this video.  Of
> all the notions I have seen, this one appears to be the most credible: *
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpQFCcSI0pU&feature=youtu.be

That was a very interesting video, thanks for posting the link. I have
absolutely no difficulty in believing China is not telling us everything it
knows about how this all started, and no American politician can be blamed
for that; but they can be blamed for their preparations, or rather lack of
preparations, that they made after mid January when it was obvious we could
be headed for an existential threat. And they could also be blamed for,
just 2 months before COVID-19 first showed up, cutting a 200 million dollar
program (ironically called PREDICT) that was to train scientists to find
viruses that have the potential to become a pandemic.

John K Clark

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