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*> Actually, to China, public relations is more important than truth.*

If that is what's happening in this case and happening to a factor of 20
(much less to a factor of 50 as Spike claims) then, as I've said before,
that fact will become very obvious even to a blind man in a fog bank the
minute China reopens its economy and tries to get back to business as
usual. And we both know that's not going to happen. Reformulating facts to
fit theories rather than reformulating theories to fit the facts is the
very reason the US's response to the virus was so dismally poor. And rot
starts at the head so the theory that Trump is doing a good job and the
US's response was more effective than China's simply isn't scientifically
viable.  And no, that doesn't mean I'm a communist, it means I respect the
scientific method more than any political idiot-ology.

 John K Clark
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