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There are Americans who will argue Americans’ civil rights can be rescinded at the government’s whim, but those will all have a common characteristic: they have not exercised their right to be armed.

>…Even in America, the right to bear arms is not accompanied by a right to shoot Government officials if you disagree with them, which is what would be needed. The arms can be legally used by citizens for hunting, target practice and self-defence, and illegally used for homicide or rebellion.

-- Stathis Papaioannou



Hi Stathis,


Of course.  I am in full agreement.  The right to bear arms is never for shooting US government officials, for they are on our side.  Any former government official who does not uphold the constitution and American civil rights clearly stated therein is no longer a US government official.  The military is on our side too: the militias, the military, the US government and I all agree on this.



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