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> *>> >**The framers had just survived a bitter struggle against tyranny
> with only muzzle-loading flintlocks. *
> >> …Then why does Joe Redneck need anything more…
> *> For protection against those who treat the militia with disrespect and
> contempt.*

Rednecks need automatic firearms to protect themselves from insults? Muzzle
loading muskets can't get the job done? I believe it is my constitutional
right to treat anybody I want with disrespect and contempt and I intend to
do so if they are disreputable and contemptible.

> *John do you agree with the constitution?*

Which part? I sure don't agree with the Electoral College, nor do I think
its right that Dakota with 1.16 million people in it get 4 Senators but
California with 39.51 million people in it only get 2. And I don't think
religious freedom should have been specifically mentioned because if you
have freedom of speech and assembly you get that automatically; so as it is
if I do something for a non-religious reason it could be unconstitutional
but if I do the exact same thing for a religious reason it's
constitutional. Oh and I don't think slavery was a very good idea either.

> *> I agree with the constitution.*

You agree completely with every single word? Don't you think a black man
might be worth a little bit more than 3/5 of a white man, don't you think
he's at least 65% as good?

> >… And you didn't answer my question, are there any limits or does the
>> second amendment allow Walmart to sell H-Bombs?
> *> I don’t know that this has come to the Supreme Court, but I can imagine
> they would say it is the states’ call. *

Yeah you're probably right, the Vichy judges would vote as a block in a 5
to 4 decision, the NRA would start a lobbying campaign, and in a matter of
weeks private citizens owning H-Bombs would be legal in Wyoming, Oklahoma,
and West Virginia.

*> By the way John, how much free speech do you need?*


* > I like my free speech *

Me too. I also like my mother and apple pie.

John K Clark
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