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>…Rednecks need automatic firearms…


Automatic firearms are damn hard to license.  Most states disallow them or make it such a pain in the ass to get them, it is a rich man’s toy.  They are extremely rare.  I have never seen one.


>…to protect themselves from insults? 


No, to protect us from the bad guys.  We don’t care about insults.


>…Muzzle loading muskets can't get the job done? 


Not at all.


>…I believe it is my constitutional right to treat anybody I want with disrespect and contempt…


On that you are right.  Aren’t you glad the constitution protects your attitude?


>…and I intend to do so


Somehow I am not the least bit surprised by that.


>…if they are disreputable and contemptible…


Did this neck of color actually do anything to earn your attitude of contempt and disrepute?


Or do you feel worthy to label others disreputable and contemptable at your whim?  Or are you the kind of person who holds others in contempt without any particular reason?


> John do you agree with the constitution?


>…Which part? I sure don't agree with the Electoral College…


The letters US stand for United States of America.  Not United People of America.  The USA is a Republic made up of state governments working in unison.  The Electoral College protects us from all manner of evil.


>… And I don't think religious freedom should have been specifically mentioned…


I do.


>… Oh and I don't think slavery was a very good idea either.


I agree.  See Amendment 13.  My ancestors fought to establish that amendment.


>…You agree completely with every single word? Don't you think a black man might be worth a little bit more than 3/5 of a white man…


The constitution doesn’t say anything about color.  Where are you getting these terms “white” and “black” please?  Neither word is found anywhere in the constitution, even if you include Amendment 15.


> By the way John, how much free speech do you need?




Not me.  I want as much as I want, arbitrary numbers of words, any words I choose.



> I like my free speech 


>…Me too. I also like my mother and apple pie.  John K Clark


There ya go, we agree more than we disagree.



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