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> >…Rednecks need automatic firearms…
> Automatic firearms are damn hard to license.  Most states disallow them or
> make it such a pain in the ass to get them, it is a rich man’s toy.  They
> are extremely rare.  I have never seen one.

I suspect John is confusing semi-automatic weapons with automatic ones
based on a very cursory investigation into what gun laws in the US actually
cover.  As mentioned, an extremely small number of people are licensed to
own and operate automatic weapons.  A semi-automatic weapon is no different
than a revolver in terms of outcome (in fact, the revolver is more
reliable!) other than the potential number of bullets in the magazine
versus revolvers.   CT (helpfully?) where I am domiciled now limits those
magazines to 10 rounds which is not many more than a revolver holds
depending on caliber.

When I was recently legally purchasing a 9mm semi-automatic handgun, the
well mannered, and extremely knowledgeable guys in the shop were laughing
over the formerly gun hating liberals calling into the store in a panic now
wanting to get guns worried over COVID-19 negative outcomes.  One of them
got extremely irate when they found out you couldn't just walk in and
purchase a gun without a permit, and asked in all seriousness for them to
apply (the non-existent) gunshow loophole so they could grab one same day.
 Another woman called in asking if they had any sawed off shotguns in
stock.  The guy behind the counter laughingly replied that yes, they're in
the banned weapons room we use in the back.

It would behoove anyone who has never dealt with firearms in the US to
actually get some experience with them, and find out that the large
majority of legal firearm owners are responsible actors who take gun safety
seriously.  You may even make a few friends, and discover that it is a lot
of fun to fire them at the range!
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