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> Since we've already gone down the path of destroying the US economy (which
> I was against), I think we should probably keep the NYC metro region in the
> status quo through the end of May

### Some say we should keep NYC under lockdown longer, just to be sure.
Maybe indefinitely.

Snake Plissken would approve.

> There are still a lot of open questions around immunity and the
> possibility of recurrence, but for me, this entire exercise has been a HUGE
> overreaction.   Sweden may be getting a lot of bad press recently with the
> number of deaths, but their curves on active cases look the same as
> everyone else's at far less economic cost.

### The press is mostly left-wing, which usually means authoritarian and
they followed that impulse when they wholeheartedly supported the recent
mass house arrests. Now they experience powerful cognitive dissonance when
they see reports that imply the justification for lockdowns, "flattening
the curve", was very misguided. So they attack the country that didn't join
in the stampede into mass incarceration and showed us a better way.


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