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> Their [burglars] perceived choices:
> * Burgle but don't destroy, get caught, and die.

### Yes, that's how it goes down in Smigtown.


> * Don't burgle, starve, and die.  (This is almost always a false
> perception - there are many other ways to not starve - but it is what they
> believe.)

### Nah, it's mostly about getting money for drugs, not food. In
Smigtown all drugs you can imagine can be had at free market prices. So
don't burgle, mow a lawn, peace out.


> * Burgle and be as destructive as possible, leaving no witnesses
> mechanical or living, and don't die.

### Now, that's technically difficult in Smigtown, with all those private,
corporate, municipal, state, federal and international cameras pointing
every which way.

> You have that option today, if you are bloody minded enough.  Just make
> sure to kill them all, and that all surviving witnesses will agree there
> was the perception of a threat that merited deadly force in response.
> Should the burglar escape wounded - or should some burglars escape while
> others in the same burglary die - then the escapees may sue.
> ### A problem-solving option that is too costly, difficult and dangerous
is not really an option, even if theoretically possible.

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