[ExI] More Americans died of COVID-19 than died in battle in Korea

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Sat Apr 18 15:21:07 UTC 2020

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> *> 37K, per Johns Hopkins -- we're past Korea now."Next stop: Vietnam!"
> (per Country Joe McDonald live @ Woodstock)That is, at the current rate of
> accumulation of fatalities (~5K/day), we should hit that sad milestone,
> 58K, by early-middle next week.*

The good news is in the US the acceleration of the death rate has slowed,
it now takes 8 days for the total number of deaths to double. But I keep
thinking of the 1918 flu, it's called the "Spanish Flu" but the first
recorded case was in the USA, in Kansas, in March. It killed thousands of
people but in the summer things got a lot better and most people thought
the worst was over, but then it came roaring back far stronger than before
and the vast majority of deaths occurred in the second wave in September
October and November.  If that happens again how are we going to run the
November 3 presidential election?

 John K Clark
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