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*> How are you defining mass death? *

How are you defining "define"? I think the leading cause of death is pretty
massive but that's just me.

> > *The numbers, while tragic, are still within the range of a bad flu*

If it's the leading cause of death in the USA then it's a bad flu indeed!

> and growth is slowing

And in 1918 things started to get bad in March but started to get better in
late April and by summer it was almost gone, but not quite. It came back
far stronger than before in early September and it was the next 3 months
when the real mega death happened. I'm not saying the same thing is going
to happen in 2020 but I don't want to bet my life that it won't. It sounds
to me like you want to play Russian Roulette.

*> Sweden seems the only sane nation to me right now.*

And the result of all that sanity is that Sweden has had far more deaths
from COVID-19 than any of its scandinavian neighbors that insanely took the
quarantine very seriously. In Sweden 1580 have died, In Denmark 364 have
died, in Norway 168, and in Finland just 94. If insanity works better than
sanity I'll take insanity.

> *> Are you aware of the fact that they have pretty much run out of storage
> for oil as of this morning? *

I'll tell you exactly what I'm aware of this morning at 9:15 AM EDT:

*"Oil suffered its biggest one-day price plunge in the modern era, at one
point crashing about 40% to below $11 a barrel as traders contended with an
historic glut. There is no limit to the downside to prices when inventories
and pipelines are full. Buyers in Texas are offering as little as $2 a
barrel for some oil streams, raising the possibility that producers may
soon have to pay to have crude taken off their hands."*

Oil Plunges by Record to Below $11 With Storage Rapidly Filling

And this morning I'm also aware that:

*"Oil demand is set to fall some 30% from last year.  At least 160 million
barrels in unwanted crude are floating on tankers around the world"*

U.S. Oil Prices Crash To 20-Year Lows As Coronavirus Crushes Demand and
Storage Facilities Swell

John K Clark
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