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> *> How are you defining mass death? *
> How are you defining "define"? I think the leading cause of death is
> pretty massive but that's just me.
>> > *The numbers, while tragic, are still within the range of a bad flu*
> If it's the leading cause of death in the USA then it's a bad flu indeed!

There's a new bug, it's killing almost entirely well defined high risk
populations.   The IFR is likely way lower than originally thought.   This
is not the black death or small pox.    Again, I'm not attempting to
trivialize anyone's personal loss, but decisions need to be made for the
entire population here.

> > and growth is slowing
> And in 1918 things started to get bad in March but started to get better
> in late April and by summer it was almost gone, but not quite. It came back
> far stronger than before in early September and it was the next 3 months
> when the real mega death happened. I'm not saying the same thing is going
> to happen in 2020 but I don't want to bet my life that it won't. It sounds
> to me like you want to play Russian Roulette.
> *> Sweden seems the only sane nation to me right now.*
> And the result of all that sanity is that Sweden has had far more deaths
> from COVID-19 than any of its scandinavian neighbors that insanely took the
> quarantine very seriously. In Sweden 1580 have died, In Denmark 364 have
> died, in Norway 168, and in Finland just 94. If insanity works better than
> sanity I'll take insanity.

1,580 people have died, and their economy for the most part is still open.
 They're recommending common sense social distancing.   If that's Russian
Roulette, yes, I'd like to play Russian Roulette.  What is your end game
here, John, if you were running the show?   There is a real possibility
that there will not be an effective vaccine developed for this.  So then
what, we're going to live like scared animals for the rest of our lives
until the economy completely implodes, and you end up potentially getting
killed by someone in the societal breakdown?   All over an illness that
probably has a maximum IFR of 1% (and BTW, I think it's closer to .3% but I
will give you 1% for the sake of argument)?   Please do tell, what should
we be doing here?

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