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> What is the use of financial analysts going to work in downtown NYC.  Just
> to sit in front of a PC?  Could all computer work be done from home?  Why
> not?  Does anyone know?

As an IT worker who's been working from home for six weeks, I think I can
answer those questions. There probably isn't any good reason that people
who sit in front of a computer can't do their work from home. Some
sectors/employers will be more sensitive to the security risks, e.g., those
working with classified information and those dealing with big money
(banking, trading, etc.). Some jobs, like mine, are doable 95% online, but
there are times when we need to do things in person, like swapping a failed
disk drive, hooking up new equipment, etc. I could easily get by with 1/2
day/week or less on site.

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