[ExI] Atheism again

Giulio Prisco giulio at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 06:01:27 UTC 2020

I think physical reality is infinitely rich, with room for all the
promises of religions, including universal resurrection, and more, and
God-like entities more powerful than anything that we can imagine.
This worldview sounds too religious to atheists and too atheistic to
believers, so I am often insulted by both (not that I care :-)
But I can choose to call myself a believer or an atheist, depending on
where I put the emphasis. I have pleasant and constructive discussions
with both believers and atheists.
Thought policing is one of the thing that really drives me mad. Now,
in other places and times, thought policing was mainly practiced by
believers against atheists. In those places and times, I would have
chosen to call myself an atheist.
But here and now, in the cultural climate of the West, especially in
academy and media, thought policing is mainly practiced by atheists
against believers.
Therefore, here and now, I choose to call myself a believer.
To those fundamentalists (believers and atheists) who can't live
without policing thoughts, my message is: What business of yours is
policing the belief, or the lack of belief, of others?
I believe in everyone's right to pursue meaning and happiness in their
own personal way. If someone finds meaning happiness in a belief, or
in the lack thereof, leave them in peace and be happy for them.
Get a life, for fuck's sake.

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