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>…I had to give up donating blood.  They listened to my heart and waved me off.  …So I am frustrated…


Luxury!  I had one doctor, one silly yahoo, write in my medical records 30 yrs ago that I was anorexic, the silly ass.  After that, every time, ever single time… I have a new doctor, they interview me for 20 minutes fishing around to see if it is some kind of self-starvation thing I have going.  It isn’t, but my first task is convincing the doctor: I just don’t eat much.  Then about 15 yrs ago I was assigned a doctor who is herself a boney one and doesn’t eat, so she understands.  Fortunately she is also a very competent doctor and has never given me bad advice.  Furthermore… she is young enough that she will likely still be in practice when it is time for me to shuffle off this mortal coil, so cool, I don’t need to break in a new doctor.


>…Do you think that the freedom of worship means that they can congregate all they want?


bill w


Interesting legal question:  the governor issued orders, but he didn’t declare a state of emergency.  So his orders aren’t law.  To make a state law, the legislature has to pass it, but they didn’t do that, so congregating isn’t an actual violation of law.


They wrote a few 50 dollar violation fines about a month ago to businesses that refused to close, but I don’t see that the local court can collect on those if the business owner refuses to pay.


One of the biggest dangers I can see in these times is how willingly free citizens handed away their civil rights.  If they don’t seize them back immediately after the quarantine, those civil rights may never return.




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