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>    1. *Survival (more fit) is better than non survival (less fit).*
>    2. *All sufficiently complex, or turing complete
>    <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_completeness>, system must
>    evolutionarily progress towards that which is better.*
>    3. *All sufficiently complex system must progress towards god, or the
>    best possible.*
> But "better" is a subjective word, to Evolution "better" means more copies
and "best" means the most copies, it means nothing more. So to Evolution
COVOD-19 is very good indeed.

> *No sufficiently complex system can 'devolve'.*

Parasites devolve. The ansestors of Leeches, tapeworms and all parasites
were all more complex than what they have become that you see today. The
advantage in being a parasite is that you can simplify yourself by
enslaving another creature to do many of the metabolic things you
previously had to do yourself. To Evolution that is a very virtuous
strategy because it allows you to put a larger percentage of your finite
resources into reproduction which is the ultimate good.

> > *God is possible, true evil isn't possible.*

I can't imagine a crueler way of making complex objects, like a conscious
brain for example, than Darwinian Evolution. If that's the method an
omnipotent being decided to do it when He could have done it by just
snapping His metaphorical fingers then He isn't a God, He is a demon of
ultimate evil. I agree with the Bible Thumpers on one thing, Darwinian
Evolution and a benelavent God are not compatible ideas.

 John K Clark
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