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On Wed, Apr 22, 2020, 11:45 Will Steinberg <steinberg.will at gmail.com> wrote:

> You've decided what is silly and you act like you're making objective
> claims.  This is how you, John, argue: you state a silly claim that nobody
> here is ever making, and then you attack it and somehow feel good about
> yourself for destroying a straw man.
> I don't believe it's silly to believe that consciousness is universal.  In
> fact, as a materialist, I think it is patently stupid to believe
> consciousness for some reason stops at the brain--a silly, 1700s, vitalist
> view--as opposed to believing that computation and information exchange are
> everywhere and thus consciousness is to (to considerably simplify my
> argument.)
> In fact, I believe you actually AGREE with me, but for some reason you are
> arguing against a stupid idea of God that nobody here even cares about.
> For other unrelated bullshit to dredge up, how about those damn Hawaiian
> natives and their stupid gods?  Eh?  Is that bait tempting enough?
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>> *> The religion of atheism claims to have the important fact, established
>>> without doubt, that an omnipotent omniscient being who created the universe
>>> doesn't exist.*
>> Perhaps it does say that but I really couldn't say because I don't know
>> anything about the religion of atheism. All I know is the scientific
>> method never says something has been established beyond all doubt, although
>> on occasion it does say some things are too silly to talk about.
>>  John K Clark
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