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Wed Apr 22 17:38:46 UTC 2020

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> I don't believe it's silly to believe that consciousness is universal.

I don't think it's silly either and never said it was.

*> In fact, as a materialist, I think it is patently stupid to believe
> consciousness for some reason stops at the brain--a silly, 1700s, vitalist
> view--as opposed to believing that computation and information exchange are
> everywhere and thus consciousness is to*

I might add a few caveats but have no great problem with that.

*> In fact, I believe you actually AGREE with me,*

I more of less do. So why are you so upset?

* > but for some reason you are arguing against a stupid idea of God that
> nobody here even cares about.*

I hope you're right and nobody around here cares about a omnipotent
omniscient being that created the universe, I can't prove the idea is wrong
but I can prove the idea is silly.

John K Clark
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