[ExI] texas county judge demands residents wear bananas

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>… Because they can, until and unless someone files suit to make them stop… Adrian



The governor of New York said today that as many as 13 percent of people tested had antibodies for Covid-19.  If so, it suggests perhaps 2.7 million New Yorkers had it or were exposed.  If so, New York’s 20k deaths represents about 1% death rate, which isn’t much different from ordinary flu.  The studies so far are indicating that UV is a great virus killer.  If so, the stay-home orders, as widely interpreted to mean stay indoors, was exactly the wrong advice.


This all stands to reason: Covid-19 came from bats, bats live in dark places and come out at night.  


If all this is right, shutting down the world’s economies will go down as the biggest over-reaction in the history of history, and also the biggest government overreach in the history of history.



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