[ExI] Texas county judge demands residents wear bananas

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Fri Apr 24 09:12:28 UTC 2020

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> *> One of the most scary things I see in the response to the epidemic is
> the willingness with which citizens handed away their civil rights.*

It's weird. For 4 years I have been pointing to the many many warning signs
that the USA is making a terrifying march toward fascist dictatorship, and
I have been severely criticized by you and others for doing so; but
apparently you draw the line at this, emergency sanitation and public
health measures made in the middle of the worst global pandemic in a

> *> it suggests perhaps 2.7 million New Yorkers had it or were exposed.  If
> so, New York’s 20k deaths represents about 1% death rate, which isn’t much
> different from ordinary flu.  *

The 1918 variety perhaps but ordinary flu does not kill 50,243 Americans in
less than 2 months with no sign of stopping or even slowing down. The death
rate is only one factor that determines how many cadavers a virus can
generate, and we know for a fact COVID-19 can produce one hell of a lot of

*> The studies so far are indicating that UV is a great virus killer.  *

You must have been watching the daily WrestleMania virus show, the one
where after learning that bleach and isopropyl alcohol disinfectant could
kill the virus Trump asked on national TV if injecting those disinfectants
into the body and somehow shining UV on internal organs could be a wonder
cure. And he's the guy in charge of fighting this!

*> If so, the stay-home orders, as widely interpreted to mean stay indoors,
> was exactly the wrong advice.*

And you said I should enter the arrogant olympics, well maybe I could win a
silver metal but it's hard to beat claiming to understand how a virus
spreads better than every expert epidemiologist on the planet.

*> This all stands to reason: Covid-19 came from bats, bats live in dark
> places and come out at night.*

The evidence Covid-19 came from bats is mediocre at best, and in terms of
fighting the virus where it originally came from is irrelevant, today
Covid-19 is spread by a species called Homo sapiens.

John K Clark
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