[ExI] No gods, no meaning?

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> *> I'm currently writing a book on the science of the soul. There is much
>> that we can glean about the soul just using science. There is scientific
>> support for many ideas that one would typically assume fall into the sphere
>> of religion. For example: eternal life, immortality, reincarnation,
>> afterlives, divine union, the immateriality of the soul and its distinction
>> from the body.*
> I'm not sure what "divine union" means

I mean Open Individualism <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_individualism>.
The idea that there is only one mind, and we are each a part of it.  Many
scientists have embraced this notion, for example Erwin Schrödinger, Fred
Hoyle, and Freeman Dyson.

> but all those other ideas are not incompatible with information as Claude
> Shannon described the word.


> But there are important differences too, the soul can't be duplicated but
> information can be, and the inner workings of the soul can never be
> understood but information  can be, in fact information is the only thing
> that can be understood.
 I recognize the present difficulties, but I hesitate to use the word
"never" when it comes to things we may learn or do in the future.

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