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I agree. But I didn’t say anything negative about atheists. I said that I think they are sad, and therefore I feel sorry for them.


Speaking as an atheist: that is a negative comment about us.  Darn near insulting, in fact.  Certainly patronizing. 


>…Sorry for that, I apologize to everyone who feels insulted, and I won’t express this feeling here again.


Hi Giulio no worries, that sentiment is very common, no offense taken.  


Most of my family is religious, I am a flaming atheist.  I don’t make noise about that, nor do I hide it if asked.  They don’t understand how I could possibly have any happiness within, even though I clearly appear to.  They don’t understand why I have any moral or ethical constraints, even if I explain that morals and ethics are not the property of any particular religion or deity.  They don’t accept it.  They don’t understand how I can have any hope for the future, even though I clearly do.  I explain that my hope isn’t for eternity, but rather a deep and meaningful hope for right now, and a deep and meaningful hope for the easily foreseeable, both of which I have more of than I can easily justify.  But hey, I am that way.




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