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Defunding the police?  Aren't they a bit off topic?  I guess the theory is that as long as you are asking for something, why not ask for the Moon?  bill w



I interpreted it as sacrificial bargaining chips, knowing that kind of stuff will be dismissed.


What the teachers really want is hazard pay, and I see their point.  They are also being asked to redo their curriculum to fit the current crises.  At the elementary and secondary levels, many teachers derive most of their curriculum in the first two or three years with some experimentation, then they run mostly on autopilot for next two or three decades, with only minor tweaks.


Now… they must redesign everything.  So sure, that’s a big job and sure, there are new risks of catching WuFlu from students, particularly the grimey little ones if they carry it.


Last school year we transitioned to online learning, but the classes were already established, relationships between students and teachers firm.  Now… none of that applies.  We had a hell of a time with disengaged students.  Now with new teachers and new everything, that problem is likely to be worse.


BillW, it is important that we understand the virus-scape.  If the data is junky at the collection site, the next level can only get junkier as the junky data gets handed up and combined.  The counties admit the uncertainty down near the ground, then the state doesn’t offer the same caveats at the decision level.  


That same junky data is handed up yet again, where the Johns Hopkins site and others collect 50 junky datasets and combine them into a still-junkier set, without caveats anywhere.  That last step doesn’t bother me as much because decisions aren’t made up there, they are made at the state and (to some extent) the county levels.


This is all good news in a way.  All this time, and I am just now realizing that covid cases could have been systematically undercounted (I was sick as hell, still haven’t tested) but that covid deaths could have been systematically overcounted.  This suggests this particular flu isn’t as dangerous as we have been led to believe.


I might have had covid.  If so, I could be caught gawking like a prairie chicken in the parking lot in front of the local house of harlotry, die of embarrassment, the county coroner, not knowing the circumstances of my passing, finds the antibodies, records that cause on my death certificate (which under those particular circumstances is perhaps a good thing) the misunderstanding inflates the statistics even more.


What’s worse: I get cryonics, nanotech, uploading, I reanimate, recall the circumstances that led to my untimely demise back when I was still meat, die again for same reason, double tragedy.


We need to understand how reliable or otherwise is this dataset, and if we still don’t know, then we need to admit we still don’t know.






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