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Anton Sherwood bronto at pobox.com
Mon Aug 3 21:28:13 UTC 2020

I read somewhere in the past year that someone had composed music for 
smaller mammals, the idea being that they probably don't appreciate our 
music because its rhythm is made for our slower heartbeat, among other 
differences.  I do not remember whether the intended audience responded.

On 2020-8-03 13:04, Dan TheBookMan via extropy-chat wrote:
> By the way, not sure why no one brought up wolves which tend to howl in 
> unison and in response. (Dogs sometimes do that too. A few local dogs 
> howl along when emergency service trucks go by with their alarms blaring.;)

One time many years ago, I was in my room singing along with Gordon 
Lightfoot, "Song for a Winter Night" which ends with "oo, oo, oo, oo" -- 
such a simple sound that, because I was not exactly on pitch, the beats 
were very evident.  A cat was in the room, and she howled!

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