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>…The baseline plan which starts in 9 days: we will have all mainstream students distance learning at first, probably the first semester.  The students identified as struggling, the disengaged, language challenged, economically challenged, homeless, the illegal immigrants, the learning disabled, juvenile delinquents on probation for major violent felonies etc will be on campus starting 13 August as will some of the (bravest) teachers.  


>…We rigged up some cameras which follow motion…


So we will get really good video of whoever it was who stole the cameras.


Imagine please a campus which last year had about 3400 students and about 160 staff.  Starting in 9 days, that campus will have an estimated 600 students with about 70 staff.  


Under ordinary circumstances, that would be a great high school, however… that particular crowd might be different.  We have filtered out all the elite and mainstream students, and left a concentration of problem students,  students with an attitude, students who have developed an attitude over the summer by the riots and such, students with disabilities, etc, without the boring faceless masses to dilute them.


This could be a scary time for those on campus who are not themselves scary, but are there because both parents work and the family cannot afford daycare or cannot leave them home alone for whatever reason.


Our current baseline plan is far from perfect.  Suggestions welcome.






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