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>>…We rigged up some cameras which follow motion…


>…So we will get really good video of whoever it was who stole the cameras…Our current baseline plan is far from perfect.  Suggestions welcome…spike



There’s something else I need to mention which might come into play.  In any capitalist system, the average prole does better than the average prole in communism.  But there is a universal observation: the rich get richer.


In schools, as more and more online resources come available, the academically rich get richer faster than before.  Perhaps we have plenty of elite and talented students present, well you remember high school.  You remember how much or even most of your time was wasted waiting for the others to catch up.  But they never did.  How we would have soared with eagles had we the resources the young have today.


After Mr. Musk came to town brining all those smart driven H1Bs, we have watched our local public school’s average scores march northward, oh my what a marvelous trend.  Less discussed but even more dramatic: the accompanying northward charge of the standard deviation.  The academically rich are getting fabulously rich, the academically poor and those who do not use the free online resources, are getting nothing, perhaps even less than they were getting before.


Online instruction is leading to increased academic polarization.  It is almost like the fall of the Berlin Wall, when communism fell.  There are those who argue that increased academic polarization is a bad thing, even if average scores are going up.






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