[ExI] Music

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Tue Aug 4 10:44:08 UTC 2020

Various people responded, mostly not mentioning rhythms.

This is why I specifically mentioned a sense of rhythm. I appreciate 
that our senses are narrow, so there may be animals that do have a sense 
of rhythm but we can't see it. The examples given all have easy answers 
that have nothing to do with a musical sense (rhythm).

  Anton Sherwood wrote:
> I read somewhere in the past year that someone had composed music for 
> smaller mammals, the idea being that they probably don't appreciate 
> our music because its rhythm is made for our slower heartbeat, among 
> other differences.  I do not remember whether the intended audience 
> responded.

Now that would be interesting. But a small mammal responding by 
squeaking, or similar, would only prove that they had heard the noises 
and perhaps were alarmed or surprised by them, or recognised them, etc., 
not that they had a musical sense.

My main question, though, is What is it about? Why do we have music in 
the first place? That to me is a complete mystery.

Mentioning other animals is just by contrast. Speculation aside, we have 
no evidence that any other animal has a musical sense.

Ben Zaiboc

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